Tuesday 5 July 2011

40th anniversary Skyline four door

I saw this on Ebay and grabbed the pictures. It is interesting to me as you don't see many Skylines unmolested, certainly not to this degree!
I know some of you will have seen these but it was new to me!
This is a S reg making it a 98/99 vintage. The look of the car is very sedate in my opinion, with the boot spoiler having vanished and different rear end configuration.
Looking at the front sides you can see it has the blue and white GT badges showing it is a 2 litre non turbo.
It also has the uber cool indicator/fog light and grill configuration in the front bumper (as a four door). For interested parties, these do fit a spec two bumper perfectly. Makes me wonder if the front grill would also be an option on a two door spec 2. 
One other point of note is obviously the interior is very different from a spec 2, although I don't know if this was as a 40th edition or because it is a four door. If you look you can see the 40th badging on the seats and C pillar (first picture).
Currently it is fetching little money on line and although a rather lovely example of a Skyline would we really want to own it? LOL although would certainly be interesting to see it in the flesh.
Note I'm not advertising it or recommending it for sale. It's just a curiosity that some may not have seen.

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  1. Eh, no fb and tw feeds anymore?
    Anyways, cool post!
    I left you a link to a blog I found with pics of the history of skylines, maybe u know it already but I thought it was fun to see the pics, nostalgia!


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