Friday 22 July 2011

Return to the fold

I had a mid life crisis (LOL) and have not done a great deal with the car lately.. Apart from drive it of course! Although the UK seems to be particularly wet at this time of year and is enough to dampen any ones enthusiasm!

I have yet to fit my lovely old/new strut brace and hopefully will bash that out this weekend! Bet you all can't wait to see that.

More interestingly and scheduled for the end of the summer (so I can't enjoy it) I have laid hands on (and paid for) a nice HKS turbo kit. Plus some rather sexy camshafts. I find this exciting, as this is where I will stop the major modifications/improvements. Anything more would be silly and ruin what is in effect a lovely 'road car'.

I also managed to get a vented bonnet, but after some thought I ditched this idea as the car was moving away from where I wanted it to be. I will also resist the urge for a black complete respray as I quite like her faults just the way they are. However I will promise myself to have yet another go at the front splitter, which again for a short while I was tempted to abandon in favour of the Nissan style 'overiders'. I call them overiders, you can call them what you like!

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