Tuesday 29 November 2011

Braided fuel hoses

 As alluded to in my last post. I have been going braid crazy! As you will see in the photo's I have over braided the top breather pipe (to keep it's shape) the fit is close to the oil cap but it just about clears it.

The un braided 'top pipe' will get the treatment this week as well and I will have two end connectors mated together. Am just awaiting the parts.

U shaped breather and down pipe, top pipe to finish

The fuel lines were easy to do and apart from not tightening the one connected to the filter enough (oops) was a pretty uneventful task! I would have liked the end finishers to have fitted a little tighter and if your doing this at home I would suggest a small amount of electrical tape to increase the outside diameter of the pipes. Although this isn't really important and I can live with it.

Fuel Lines
The most annoying thing I could manage was to drag the braided hose over my engine damper and remove a small amount of paint from it! Luckily I had intended to work on this a bit more anyway, although I didn't expect a repaint so soon! 

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