Thursday 8 December 2011

Isssss my Birthdayysssss

Heh, I came over all Golum for this post. Well, it's not my Birthday (or even birthdayyysssss'es) but I do have a lovely package, cunningly entitled 'Happy Birthday' from Japan.

I often wonder how stupid Customs have to be to keep letting these packages through. Admittedly I an a bit vague on the law for import of car parts (although customs did charge me a load on cigarettes before!). Additionally with the strong Yen at the moment I don't think many of us are at all keen on buying from Japan. But I suppose as long as they keep on coming I will keep having 'Birthdays'.

And the content's of said package?

Well not all that exciting to most, but to me a big deal. This is another Spec Two Wire Mesh Grill. However with one important difference over my existing one, this is immaculate and perfect in every way! I also managed to get a 'normal' standard Spec 2 grill in white included (if anyone wants one!).

the only thing that worries me about this new grill is that it is so perfect! I didn't mind working on a tired worn out one as there was nothing to lose! But to mess up on a perfect one, well, to me that would be like touching up the Mona Lisa with poster paint! Still I never was too bright when it came to things like this and 'in for a penny, in for a pound' as we say in the UK. Let's see what art I can create!

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