Friday 27 January 2012

Boot Lock replacement

Have been looking for an old style boot lock for a while now. When I did come across them they were pretty much showing their age and suffering from corrosion. Taking a look on Japan Dyno's web site I saw they had a boot lid going reasonably cheap, so a quick email to them and it was a done deal. I just wanted the lock (I expect they thought mad Englishman!) and very quickly I received this today in the post.
Original Cover

Old School Lock Cover
Fitting was going to be interesting as this would require removal of the lock (so my key would fit). However the rotating badge does not actually clear the lock face and as the barrel slides out the front, this would be a pretty important aspect! Looking at the face however I decided it may be as easy to remove this and swap that part over only, leaving the lock well alone.

The swivel face is held in place on a spigot with a groove cut into it this is held in place simply by a tight washer sitting in its groove. the only problem with this is that trying to get the washer off would mean destruction of the top of the spigot! I decided to use my Dremel hand held tool to cut the washer off and after a deft bit of handywork I had the cover in one piece.
E Clip in place
Refitting the cover to the other lock mechanism proved as fiddly and I employed the use of an 'E' clip (these are sprung and grip like devils, so when you remove them they go 'ping' vanish into the next county!).

So now with a complete boot lock I put the car back together and the job is a good one! I will add a better picture in the daylight as the flash does tend to make it look very grey (it's more gunmetal in colour).
Finished Job


  1. So now you see what i was getting at about swapping mine the other way round? ;-)

  2. Well if you would like to have my old lock cover, you have only to but ask me nicely ;)

  3. Im looking for the old school one!!

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