Monday 23 January 2012

Nismo Carbon Pillar Garnish

Well after a lot of searching and a surprisingly short amount of waiting. I have got my hands on some genuine R33 Pillar Trims

Pillar garnish P/N 99993-RN593
It's bizarre but everything I have shipped from Japan seems to turn up in super fast time. I think if I lived in Japan and wanted a quick change of scenery I would just post myself somewhere!

I have not actually opened the packet yet as it is a little bit like having a fancy cake and seems a shame to spoil it. I know that fitting them will be a slight pain as I have wind deflectors sitting on top of the 'b' pillar as it is. As a rule I never try and remove the wind deflectors, it is much simpler in the long run to remove the whole frame they are connected to! Although this does mean pulling out the rubber door surround around the top (which can be a Devil to get back in correctly).

The thing that does catch my eye is that the carbon weave on these is a lot smaller than the other carbon items I have recently fitted (blade and end caps). I only hope that it isn't really noticeable in the cold hard light of day, especially after what I had to pay for them!

Speaking of payment I managed to get these for £99.99 (Including postage)which even I think is a ridiculous amount of money. However I have seen some of the specialist sites (they shall remain nameless) trying £150 Plus postage. In that case I have a bargain!

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