Monday 27 February 2012

Bonnet Respray

Well after my minor hiccough I have got the car back from the spray shop. All in all they did a not unreasonable job. I was confused when the chap at the garage said what a hard job they had cleaning the silicone off the bonnet though. Especially as I never use it to polish the car... That is until I thought 'oh I know what I did' and remember using some cheap old rubbish to spray onto the bonnet to wipe it down... I bet that's where the dreaded silicone came from. Well why would I worry about what was going on there as it was going for spray anyway! Live and learn... As per usual.

Woodlands Body Shop Newbury
I would recommend the body shop as having done a good job at a reasonable price.
The only down side to my nice respray is the state the engine is in. They removed the bonnet for spraying and although they said they covered the engine, the evidence of my eyes suggests otherwise. This is particularly annoying as I had only just finished pampering the engine bay and it feels like I have slipped down the greasy pole to the bottom again. What with the dust that must have been blowing around in the paint shop and the rainwater, it has left me with what can only be described as a challenge.

Technically this is all my fault for messing up the paint on the bonnet in the first place. So I will roll up my sleeves getting on with the mind numbing tediousness of unbolting various parts, bashing my knuckles and generally getting a bad back bending over for hours! I'm sure it's good for my soul!

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