Wednesday 29 February 2012

Interior Modification - Door Handles

Am currently planning, have been meaning to get around to doing.. Internal door handles, these have been removed from a four door R33 and are exactly the same size and fitment as for all R33's with the exception that the handles themselves are in a rather lovely chrome finish. I suppose coming out of a four door does make them rare items too, I certainly have not seen them fitted to a two door (what's that telling me!).

I have got removing the door cards down to a fine art now having only recently had them off to cure an annoying rattle which I was getting in both doors. This turned out to be the screw that holds the metal bracket in place for the door pull and being of a large 'self tap' design they just would not tighten any more, allowing the bracket to vibrate. Anyway having recently removed it all and lovingly replaced it again, I'm kind of reluctant to do it yet again. Also the weathers been bad... excuses, excuses...

However I recently read on Aki's blog about how he had wired up LED's to the courtesy lights. This would be quite a boon to me as unlike Aki, I always have my main internal courtesy light turned off (personal preference). So a glowing door handle may be a sweet addition to the cause! Naturally this is only at the thinking about stage, I am actually feeling reluctant to do it just for the pain of wiring it all.

As a note to myself and anyone interested. Here is a link to Aki's post about what to do.

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  1. I would love to see those chrome handles installed...always wondered about that mod myself! Let me know if you have any questions about the LED mod!



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