Monday 6 January 2014

Quick visit to the real world

Took myself off to car rehab a bit and did me a bit of home maintenance (it had to happen sooner or later). Where there was chaos, now there is a functional kitchen. Naturally this has it's own rewards, although it can rather put a crimp on ones time to do things, anything in fact, to the car.

One of the difficulties encountered having a kitchen fitted is that when delivered it needed to be stored somewhere. The garage may not have been my preferred but was the logical choice, so a hasty purchase was made of a car cover and my beloved car was shipped off to my girl friends mothers house. Wonderfully I was asked the question just why did I need a car cover and wasn't this an unnecessary expense. As it turned out we experienced various storms and some shocking weather all the time the car was away. 

The garage itself was admittedly for me, untidy. However after the kitchen fitter had machine sawn and made various woody bits for the kitchen. It resembled the Sahara on a windy day, there was dust everywhere, nothing was spared from, at the very least, a fine covering that you could get very Ying and Yang with, creating soothing wave patterns of great complex designs in.

Anyhoo, this bout of domesticity has now been firmly placed in the past. All my collected car junk has been recycled and tinkering resumed. 

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