Wednesday 15 January 2014

Solder two wires together

Just a quick informational post.. TOP TIP!

A while ago I was shown how to solder two wires together.. Probably not breaking news and I am qualified in Digital Electronics. However when doing my own automotive electronics I used to go to great lengths twisting wire joints together and then applying the solder.

It turns out that this is a bit of a waste of effort!

Next time your working on the electrics and are going to make a proper joint (not the silly little connectors from the car shop) is to 'tin' applying solder to both wires first and then put them together, melt the solder from one of them and they will stick together easily.

This makes for fast accurate and easy to correct wiring. If your concerned about the join and feel it can't be better than creating a big old twisted lump, try doing it and then pulling the wires apart. They will not budge and the wire will snap in its un-soldered portion before the join gives way.

Oh and the best 'top tip' I can give myself... When using heat shrink wrap to cover the joint, remember to slide it over the wire first. My recent wiring I forgot to do it on every single joint!

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