Wednesday 16 March 2011

Freaky Accident!

A dark cloud descends on the Skyline household...

Whilst fiddling about with a new speedo surround, I had a requirement for a screwdriver. I reached up and took one from the rack. The rack then promptly fell off the wall, making me flinch and somehow I managed to throw the screwdriver I was holding over my shoulder, straight towards Ms Skyline.

Naturally I scored a direct hit on the A pillar, with the pointy end of the large flat bladed screwdriver. I left a lovely dent and took a chunk of black paint with it.

I think I was so amazed I didn't even swear!

Now we all know from my previous blogs how I love to paint! However I could not leave the dent as it was, without at least sticking some grey primer on it. That said I thought I would whack some filler in whilst at it and will go as far as attempting to blend it in along the pillar.

No its not the end of the world and am sure somehow it will be fixed. It's just a real annoyance and expense that I will not be able to live with unless I get it repaired IMMEDIATELY!

Still was lucky I missed the wind deflector and the windscreen. Ohhh I will look back on this and laugh... meh!

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