Thursday 3 March 2011

R33 Power Steering Reservoir - Dress up

Okay, a few posts ago I asked for votes against the washer bottle. I remain unconvinced about covering it in stainless steel, after all it has been done to death.. May still come back to it yet when I'm bored.

What I have investigated though is the power steering reservoir 'container/bottle'.
Fresh out of the box and no fingerprints.. yet
A pretty simple to do modification this one, as the cover is simply held in place by the screw on cap of the reservoir. The cover is of two piece construction, made of stainless steel. Inside the top cover there are three rubber strips for it to rest against the actual reservoir.

The supplier of most of the aftermarket stainless parts are Evolution Foundry who are a company dedicated to the development and supply of high quality performance, tuning and styling products for Japanese import vehicles. Since starting in 2005, the company has been building a range of parts designed and manufactured on site. Evolution Foundry try to offer the customer the best possible service in terms of quick dispatch of parts, returns policy and high end quality.

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