Tuesday 6 September 2011

Iron Tusk's (project?) Car

Iron Tusk's GTST Sporting a new nose
here is a shot of a friend of mines Spec one GTST. He has made slow but steady progress on it. As the car looks so good it would be almost criminal not to celebrate it here. This is after fitting one of the more highly sought after mesh front grills. It is amazing how on Skylines (especially all GTST's) the grill is the most important part of the car. Nissan (in my humble opinion) got the standard grills soooo wrong and then tortured us by getting it right. Only for them to say 'nope, we don't make them anymore'.

Oh and by the way, I am still in the market for a Spec 2 mesh grill S badge. If by some chance you have one of these items (standard colour they came in red). I would dearly love to make a mould of it to reproduce it for my car. Or better still buy it from you.


  1. Loving the props mate! Will have to send you a cheeky snap when I finally get the spoiler and skirts on which are supposedly ready to collect by tomorrow.. I won't hold my breath!

  2. Heya mate, Am looking forwards to seeing the finished product! Be sure to send a snap maybe with your experience and I will post it up here!


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