Thursday 8 September 2011

Skyline Battery

Skyline R33's come with the worlds smallest battery which is located in the boot of the car.
I confess that with my considerable lack of knowledge starting out, it took me a while to figure out where the battery was and even then when I did locate it I thought 'huh? That isn't right. Is it?'
The battery itself is the same as that fitted to a Nissan Micra, noting that this is the small terminal version. For UK Replacement click HERE for the Halfords site.

Naturally you can replace the battery 100% and go for something a bit bigger, although do bear in mind that not only must it fit the space available, but you will need to change the terminal connectors for bigger ones.

I have not gone down the road of changing mine as yet. I may do it when the existing battery gives up the ghost, although I do not have a huge amount of in car entertainment to really suck the power out of the car and we shall just have to see what the winter chucks at it.

Originally my battery was starting to play up though. It would hold a charge for about a week, after which you really needed her to start 'first go' and even then it was a bit of a struggle to turn her over. As this was before I had looked up what battery to buy etc. I wasn't sure on what to get.

As it turned out I 'stumbled' across one of these CTEK Zafir 90. Alas this has since been replaced by the 3600 version, although at time of writing both are readily available on the open market. Personally I can't see much difference between the two and would go for whatever floats your boat.. or is cheaper ;)

charger can be located anywhere

Handy battery connect means no messing about
The unit is quite small in comparison to 'traditional' battery chargers. When you first see it you think 'that isn't going to do anything!'. But hey I'm an optimist so thought I would give it a go.
Naturally all you do is plug the charger into the mains and off you go. You have a handy plug connector that fits to the battery terminals, this makes connecting a breeze which means no more fiddling about with clips and sparks!
The unit not only charges but also conditions the battery. It can be left plugged in for weeks without damaging the battery and it actually has made my battery come back to life! Being able to leave it plugged in also means that the alarm can be set etc. The setting of the unit is also simplicity, press the mode button, highlight the 'car' logo and your done. the unit will show an amber light for charge and a yellow light for fully charged.

A manual is available from here

Having used this unit for a while now I can confirm that it does 'what it says on the box' and I have not had any issues with low charge since.

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