Friday 2 September 2011

Powder Coated Wiper Arms

Whilst preparing the car for the Jap Bash show and giving it a bit of a wash. I managed to blast a small amount of paint off the rear wiper arm. Upon closer inspection I could see that this at some point in its life had been painted/blown over by some enthusiastic hobbyist.. (badly) Am reasonably certain it wasn't me..

When I first had the car there was some small damage on the drivers side wiper arm, the passenger side looking not exactly sorry for itself but certainly wasn't in the first flush of youth. So I had removed these, roughed them up a little and given them a blow over of 'car spray' black satin. This quick fix was still holding up well, but naturally I can't be happy with a quick fix! When I last went to the powder coaters for the grille and strut ends, it was my idea that I would get all the wiper arms done, however being in England wipers are most useful seeing as it rains here... a lot. So they are kind of useful on the car! I did consider going to the expense of getting a spare set, but again being a bit of a Skyline nut I already have an impressive collection of worn out/new/damage/half repaired parts and could probably do with the space!

Now I had managed to blast off some of the paintwork on the rear arm, I decided that there was no time like the present and whipped off all the arms. I work quite near to Thatcham and popped into Thatcham Powder Coatings Unit 3/Pipers Ind Est/Pipers Lane, Thatcham 01635 873 055
hoping to get lucky and they kindly said they would turn them around in a week.

Thatcham Powder Coaters
True to their word the parts were ready on Friday (today). I would have said it seems excessive to get these powder coated when you could just 'touch up' with a spray can. However 'in the flesh' they look like new items.. brand new items. I think you would have to agree that would be rather rare on a car of this age now!

In general I am delighted with them and have that boyish feeling of not being able to hardly wait to get home and fit them back to the car!  Joy of joys is that I am really busy at work at the moment doing something that no one else can do and working to a dead line of today. So I will need to put away my toys until later this evening. It's at this point I remind myself that without the work there would be no car and take pleasures from the small things!
The finished product
To get the three arms grit blasted and power coated in a satin black finish cost £30.00 in total. Not enough to be massively expensive but just enough not to be cheap!

Bet you can all probably guess what my next post will be?

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