Friday 4 February 2011

Finished spoiler first look

Just check out my butt!
Well I have been stripping out the back seats and parcel shelf today. Whilst I was at it and there was still a small amount of light left in the sky (when will Winter end!). I took these shots of the rear spoiler.
The flash works wonders for making a car shine!
As you can see there are more lights on the back of Ms Skyline, than you would find in a 70's disco! There is also a rather lovely reflection of my forlorn VW Golf, the car that keeps me actually going and in money to feed the Skyline addiction. Sitting out in the rain, unloved....
Ironic that the end caps on the spoiler do really affect the aesthetic of the whole thing and this is why it was so crucial to get them as good looking as I could.

Side View including 'the dreaded end caps'

These were the carbon effect 'stickers'

Next are the removed and highly prized GT-R 'Nismo' badges (see my JDM post). These are ridiculously expensive new. So am selling them!

But as I say I would quite like a set with the word NISMO emblazoned across them, as in many ways I am also afflicted with the designer bug. Will it make the car go faster?


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  1. Looks lovely, nice to see pics of it after hearing so much about it :).
    Designer bug huh...tsk tsk, that is sooo posh!
    (but I so understand it..hahahaha)



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