Tuesday 22 February 2011

In the works - racing to the finish line

Currently am in talks with Andy at Serious Performance Autos to 'finish' the mechanical side. I'm not sure if I have tired of doing it, but am trying to get everything done and complete in one massive hit.

It's not the ideal way of working, although there is a fair chunk of work that goes way beyond my level of mechanical expertise or equipment.

Works will be undertaken at Serious Performance Autos and include
  • Fitting of hybrid turbo
  • Fitting of my current work in progress, the lower inlet manifold (see posts)
  • Supply and fit of front upper camber bushes (for wheel aligning)
  • supply and fit of rear camber bushes (wheel aligning)
  • Rear diff oil
  • Supply and fit of bigger fuel pump and fuel pressure regulator
  • Fitting larger 555 injectors
  • Fitting APEXi Power FC Engine Control Unit (ECU)
  • Mapping at Abbey Motor Sport
  • Wheel alignment at Abbey Motor Sport
  • MOT so the car is legal in the UK
  • possibly spark plugs (if mine are no good)
  • The all important juices, coolant, oil etc.
Through my 'collecting' habit I have a high flow fuel filter and oil filter (every little helps!).
Will be very interesting to see what the finished power output will be when all is said and done. This work will complete the second stage of tuning (which is where I will stop!).

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