Thursday 24 February 2011

R33 rocker cover - first look

Well I have received my 'custom' rocker/coil pack cover, it's pretty impressive and seems worth the money! My only difficulty is with getting a photo without too many reflections or my ugly mug smiling back at me from it's shining face.

There is the option of colour coding... But my colour is black!

Reflections of everything around you are not optional
 Will be fitting it probably this weekend, so stay tuned dear reader for the exciting reveal (if I don't blind my self with the reflection from the flash!)

If you would like something similar then simply mail with your request or look up the seller customs_2000 on that fine supplier of parts, ebay

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  1. Another shiney object :). I guess I have to see it when it's fitted, to get a better idea!


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