Sunday 6 February 2011

What's in a name?

Way back when the world was young and I first got Ms Skyline. She had a sorry looking name badge tattooed to her rear end. It had to go and painstakingly was picked off.. Even then there was a slight blemish and outline of where the sticker had been, but this was fixed when I had the whole boot lid and back bumper resprayed.

So no name then and long may it continue.
Well not that long....
This was until whilst visiting Tim Nichols at the Moff Shop Skyline breakers. I was actually there to hunt down a bonnet catch (will get to that later in the next week). Tim had just dragged another dead Skyline in for him to mercilessly strip and profit from. Another example dead and gone forever.. Before we cast stones at Tim for seeing a business opportunity, I myself noticed a rather nice looking GTST badge on the back of the soon to be 'despatched' car, shoved ten pounds into his hands and made off with my new acquisition!

after some slight boredom of picking off the old sticky from the back and even more patience of making a new sticky pad to replace all I had peeled. Ms Skyline once again sports the name of which she is so proud.

Yes she is looking at you with her eye!

 I so hate sticking anything onto the body. I am one of those people who after getting it right first time, then start to wonder if possibly it isn't 100% straight... I must stop listening to the voices, although details, details!

You be the judge.. Does that look right to you?

Close up of Ms Skylines Right Cheek

Only this time it is a metal badge, outlined in chrome with black enamel lettering (the photo taken at night does no justice!).
So from a dead car, a small piece (very small in this case) will live on. The bonus being that Ms Skyline is just a little bit more different and exclusive to all the 'other' Ms Skyline wannabes!


  1. I am not an expert, but I would say: she has a lovely bum!

  2. Oh. wait...I just saw previous pics without the badge.
    Yeah, this is much better!


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