Friday 18 February 2011

What's cooking? Skyline Engine parts

Welcome to the average Skyline owners kitchen. Here I like to prepare fine microwave dishes, quality (tomato) sauces and (dirty old) engine parts. This is the current state of my lower manifold.

R33 Lower inlet manifold
It is possible to polish and the pipework has already started to come up, (about three hours work in) although I am going to stick to my original plan of a paint finish. I think in the long run it should be a lot faster and give me a decent ish result. This part is buried in the engine after all and the main aim is for it to be 'not noticed' rather than shouting 'I'm unloved' when you stick your head under the bonnet.

I must confess looking at the pictures recently posted. Now my eye is starting to be drawn to the Alternator which is looking a tad RUSTY! gah!

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  1. Haha, nice kitchen :p.!
    But great to see these before and after photo's!


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