Wednesday 2 February 2011

Painting Fish!

Well the end cap is putting up a valiant fight I must say. Having sprayed it once and deciding that I could 'just' make out the GT-R logo. I thought what a good idea to 'get it perfect' and then found that the paint had a bit of a reaction with the new gloss below it. So had no option but to rub it back to the start.

Spent long enough looking at this lump of plastic to start calling it a 'dead fish' as it lays there, mocking me with its 'eye' looking at me.

Finally a shine does appear!
Naturally I was getting a bit bored painting this 'fish'. I mean how hard can it be! Well about as hard as I can make it, so it would seem! Not being delighted with the colour match, I decided to switch brands for the off the shelf paint, although both were Acrylic paint brands, there must have been something in the mix that was odd, as I had a different reaction this time and smooth as glass it was not!

However I do not watch all the motoring shows on TV without learning one or two ideas. So flattened the face with some 2000 grit wet and dry paper until looking smooth and then switching to polishing.
So although not relaxing on the beach yet, I can at least see the shore (long swim though, am waving not drowning!). Will I get the glass finish? or will I polish through to the plastic? Brrr, exciting!

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  1. Ha, it really does look like a where is the chips?
    Seriously though, I am sure you will get it all perfect ;)!



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